imageMay 10, 2021

An internationally renowned school of art and design, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) was looking for a modern, aesthetically pleasing flooring solution that would be functional, efficient to install and offer the chemical resistance necessary for art projects in a classroom environment. An additional challenge for this project was the need to upgrade a 100-year-old existing floor that featured a hodgepodge of different surfaces at varying elevations.

The architect and owner of SAIC chose Euclid Chemical’s Level-Top PC-AGG overlayment for its ability to self-level from ½ inch to 3 inches in a single pour, while achieving the appearance of polished concrete due to the unique suspension agent that holds the aggregate closer to the surface during the curing process. In addition, the use of microfibers to help prevent shrinkage and cracking within the system added to the product’s appeal.

The flooring system was then reinforced with a fiberglass mat saturated with EucoFloor Epoxy Primer two-component, medium-viscosity epoxy to create a strong bonding surface for the concrete substrate. A full broadcast of 30-mesh silica sand was applied over the primer to promote bonding to the overlayment. Next, Euclid’s Level-Top PC-AGG in Shadow Gray was poured over the prepared surface from ½ inch to 1 inch to create an even surface, with Level-Top PC-AGG in Charcoal added as a decorative border.

On the following day, Euco QWIKjoint UVR UV-resistant polyurea floor joint filler was applied after the required marked joints were sawcut, honoring the joints in the existing substrate. The flooring was then ground down to a 200 grit prior to being primed with DuraPrime WB water-based epoxy. The final step of the project was the application of Euco Tammoshield water-based polyurethane sealer in a matte finish to deliver superior abrasion and chemical resistance.

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