imageNovember 10, 2021

DAP Introduces New AMP™ Advanced Modified Polymer Hybrid Sealants

Professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike will be amped to try DAP’s new line of AMP™ Advanced Modified Polymer Hybrid Sealants that outperform silicone. Combining the best attributes from traditional silicone and polyurethane technologies, AMP sealants offer superior weatherability, durability and clarity over traditional clear silicones, with no haze during or after application.

Ideal for a wide variety of exterior and interior applications, AMP sealants are designed to be applied in temperatures ranging from 0 – 140 degrees F and offer a 100% weatherproof and waterproof seal. Featuring a quick 30-minute paint and rain/water ready time, they are backed by a lifetime mold and mildew resistance guarantee.

“While there are many sealant options to choose from, our lineup of AMP hybrid sealants leapfrogs traditional sealant performance to provide maximum project performance,” said Megan Youngs, director of product management – caulks and sealants at DAP. “AMP’s innovative hybrid technology also offers proven wet surface application and prevents mold and mildew growth, which gives users long-lasting confidence whether their job is inside or out.”

“AMP solves frustrations where other hybrid technologies have fallen short,” Youngs added. “This advanced modified polymer sealant applies and tools smoothly, with no stringiness, is low odor, and is non-hazy during applications or once cured.”

Rounding out DAP’s new line of AMP advanced hybrid sealants are its specialty AMP Self-Leveling Concrete Sealant, which requires no additional tools, stays flexible and won’t crack, shrink or bubble, and its AMP Gutter and Flashing Crystal Clear Sealant that is UV resistant, crackproof and backed by a lifetime guarantee. Both products will be available this spring.

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