imageJanuary 15, 2021

Although there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, the pandemic continues to present a range of extraordinary challenges and stressors in our daily lives—taking a huge toll on mental health. In an effort to help its associates manage these challenges, RPM’s Consumer Group developed a Covid-19 support team that is dedicated to identifying and promoting additional support resources for its U.S. and Canadian associates across the Rust-Oleum and DAP businesses.

Led by Rust-Oleum’s Director of Human Resources Kimberly Wiltshire as project manager, this Covid-19 support team consists of Casey Dreckmann, benefits specialist and team lead for Rust-Oleum U.S.; Katrina Storr-Stronach, senior human resources manager and team lead for Rust-Oleum Canada and its plants and distribution centers; and Jessica Sysak, senior human resources manager and team lead for DAP.

As part of this initiative, the Consumer Group launched a campaign to highlight the many resources available through RPM’s employee assistance program (EAP) with ComPsych, which aims to support the overall health and wellbeing of associates. It provides all eligible U.S. and Canadian associates, as well as their family members, with mental health resources, work-life solutions, legal guidance and financial planning assistance at no cost. The campaign leveraged multiple communication platforms, including:

  • A dedicated Covid-19 intranet site with access to EAP resources;
  • HR newsletters;
  • Regular companywide and team meetings;
  • Digital and printed flyers;
  • Email blasts;
  • Company- and vendor-led webinars;
  • Bulletin board messaging; and
  • Text communications.

The HR team also offered access to pre-recorded training sessions, as well as one-on-one assistance, to provide associates with guidance on how to utilize the EAP services and best practices for navigating unique situations during the pandemic.

In addition to promoting the EAP, the Covid-19 support team brainstormed other creative ideas for how to better support and engage associates during the pandemic—from educational resources on mental health awareness, to wellness programs and social engagement activities.

For example, Rust-Oleum’s Women of Rust-Oleum Community hosted a lunch ‘n’ learn webinar aimed at providing fun, practical tips for creating a work-life balance during the pandemic. In an effort to boost morale and reward associates at its manufacturing facilities, the Consumer Group also provided boxed lunches, ice cream treats, thank-you communications from leadership and other recognition programs.

In addition, the Covid-19 support team engaged associates across Rust-Oleum and DAP in virtual social activities—such as water cooler chats, virtual visits to the zoo/aquarium, free audiobook resources, bingo, movie trivia and other activities—to help promote teambuilding and wellbeing.

Way to go, Consumer Group, for going above and beyond to provide support and guidance for our hardworking associates during these extraordinarily challenging times!

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